SAMADHAN Ranked Among 10 Most Recommended Microsoft Dynamics Solution Providers 2018 by CIO Insider.

SAMADHAN ranks among the India’s 10 most recommended Microsoft Dynamics solution providers 2018, according to CIO Insider’s May 2018 ranking. The most recommended companies ranked this year include organizations from each corner of India and from diverse technology and business backgrounds.

“On behalf of CIO Insider, I would like to congratulate SAMADHAN for its recognition as a most recommended Microsoft Dynamics Providers honouree,” said Emmanuel Christi Das, Editor, CIO Insider. “The Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem is evolving at a rapid pace and the companies showcased on the most recommended Microsoft Dynamics solution providers 2018 list represent the most agile, flexible and innovative organizations in the industry.”

CIO Insider’s researcher has asked several questions to all the businesses in the process of shortlisting the companies to arrive at a concussion. We will like to share the glimpse of the conversation that we had with Mr. Manoj Tiwari, CEO of SAMADHAN.
There are quite a few Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners in India. What makes Samadhan decidedly different from them? What is Samadhan’s unique selling proposition?
The fact that SAMADHAN offers various industry specific solution that are built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, makes us different from most of Microsoft Dynamics Partners who work on horizontal solutions. The industry solutions we focus on are for corrugated carton manufactures, folding carton manufactures, commercial printers, leather goods manufacturers, leather tannery, apparel fashion and shoe (Apparel and Footwear Solution) manufacturers. This makes us different from those partner who focus on other industry solutions.

What benefits accrue to Samadhan’s customers because of these industry solutions?

Using our solution helps the customers in following manner:

  1. Saving in resource costs which will be required to replicate the functionalities packed in our solution. We invest huge sums to develop them but charge a fraction of that cost to our customers.
  2. The time to implement is short because 90% of what they need is already built in, tested in real scenarios and hence is ready to use.
  3. A good number of ERP project fail. Ours are fail-proof. The chances that the project will be successful is near to 100%.
  4. The industry specific functionalities are built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV which has a large ecosystem of lacs of customers, user and it has product road map for next 10 years. This future proofs the investment made.
  5. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV scalability, reliability and security are squarely addressed. The very best in the world.
  6. Swift and sure Return on Investment. Quickly deployment is one reason for this. Knowing where the returns are going to come from and ready utilities to do so in the solution is the other reason.
“It is an honour to be recognized as most recommended Microsoft Dynamics provider by CIO Insider,” Said Manoj Tiwari, CEO of SAMADHAN. “We have been providing Microsoft Dynamics NAV services to small, medium and enterprise businesses around the world for more than 15 years, and we are thrilled to be in the company of some of the finest Microsoft Partners in India. We have remained vigilant in offering products and services to our clients to give them best solutions on the top of Microsoft Dynamics NAV framework.”
The most recommended Microsoft Dynamics solution providers 2018 list is based on data collected by CIO Insider and its partner, Channel Advisors. Data was collected online from Feb through May, 2018. The most recommended Microsoft Dynamics solution providers 2018 list recognizes Microsoft Dynamics partners based on metrics including competency for the specific industry, recurring revenue, growth and other factors.

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