SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase

Turn massive volumes of unstructured social media data into meaningful insights – with SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase. This cloud-based solution can help you quantify net sentiment with a sophisticated natural language processing engine – and correlate changes in customer opinion with campaigns, promotions, news, and other events.

The Value of SAP Social Media Analytics

  • Accurate – Assess not just sentiment, but also analyzes emotions, behaviors, and passion
  • Real-Time – Sentiment analysis of the social web at Google speed
  • Understanding – Natural Language Processing (NLP) extracts deep and meaningful insights

Use cases

Promotion, Launch, or Campaign Tracking

  • How much mind share has the new product captured?
  • How is the social media component performing?

Competitive intelligence

  • How much buzz and passion do our competitors have?
  • What are our opportunities and threats?

Brand and Risk Management

  • Is that recall impacting overall brand perceptions?
  • Are external issues going viral or fading away?
  • What is our brand equity on the social web?

Service Enhancement

  • Which social media posts require a service response?
  • How are our overall customer satisfaction levels tracking?

Sales Enhancement

  • What does social media say about our competitors in this deal?

Integration with SAP Solutions

No additional licenses needed to integrate

  • Can combine SAP Social Media Analytics data with other SAP solutions.
  • SAP Social Media Analytics subscriptions include API and export rights.

Integration with Other SAP Solutions

  • As integrations become available, SAP Social Media Analytics data can be used with them with no additional charge.
  • Integrations are in the proof of concept stage with BI, CRM, and other SAP solutions.

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