Launch of the New Versions of Paper and Packaging Samadhan ERPs at IndiaCorr Expo 2022.

Samadhan has invested over 100 man-years of effort in the packaging sector in the last  8 years. The partnership with the packaging industry has two unique characteristics. The leaders in the industry have continued to have faith in us and have lavished us with information on the nuances of the trade.

Samadhan at its end has been delivering consistently upgraded versions of the solution to packaging clients in India and overseas, and we have done it with the utmost honesty.

It is undeniable at this point that Samadhan has unmatched expertise in the corrugated box industry. It is also the only solution provider that had the foresight to create the packaging-specific solution using a global ERP platform like Microsoft Dynamics.

Samadhan’s packaging solution, in all its variations, keeps getting better. It makes sense for being the ERP of choice for packaging business leaders.

The following standout features of the new version of the solution will be displayed this year @IndiaCorr Expo 2022 Mumbai from Oct 8th -10th 2022.

Industry 4.0 Compliance

We advance in our efforts to comply with Industry 4.0. This implies that your ERP now includes devices, systems, suppliers, clients, banks, etc.

Major areas of improvement

Trip optimization, environmental compliance like FSC, and product design interface all are improved.

Available on the most recent version of Microsoft Dynamics

All our products are available on the most recent version of Microsoft’s ERP, Dynamics 365 Business Centre. Fully compliant with national and international standards, fully immersed in Microsoft Office, cloud-ready, scalable, reliable, and safe.

What advantages do our clients receive?

More authority over how they operate. in the present. Reduces waste and produces predictable results as well as stronger bottom lines.

It is now possible to design customer satisfaction. This produces a glaring differential and raises their leverage when negotiating with clients.

Due to improved debtor turnaround and improved inventory turnover because of more informed procurement, working capital turnover improves reducing the interest burden.

They find managing the business to be a lot simpler and easier. This enables them to grow by adding customers, locations, and warehouses and being limitless in their agility to handle environmental demands.

The outcome has been very positive for our clients, who can now move the solution to Dynamics 365 Business Central to take advantage of the most recent ERP technology and unmatched packaging specificity and the journey continues.

Not only Corrugation Samadhan ERP but a lot more

We are currently having an extensive array of ERP solutions we offer to the paper and packaging sector much more than only corrugated boxes.

There are numerous specific ERP solutions Samadhan has for corrugated cardboard, folding cartons, packaging, tissue paper, packaging film, and for printing industries.

We are very appreciative of our clients for continuing to support and send us requests for the related businesses they are involved.

Come to visit Samadhan stall B47 Hall 4 from the 8th Oct -10th Oct 2022 we´ll be pleased to greet you at the INDIA CORR EXPO in Mumbai.