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How ready are you for the post COVID 19 lockdown – The New Normal?

The world and our lives are changed now post COVID 19. We have a new reality to face. Working from home between intermittent lockdowns will be the new normal. Social distancing, hand washing and masks will be part of our lives for a long time to come. Getting a COVID case or a symptom in our organizations cannot be wished away.  It will happen and we will need effective ways to deal with them. We will need to install new SOP (standard operating procedures) installed in our organizations, keep revising them to reflect our response to the changing demands of the post COVID life.

You wish that there was a platform which will help you face The New Normal with confidence. Scalable, robust, state of the art, configurable and in a familiar environment.

Your wish is granted. Microsoft has created a ready to use platform for handling Crisis Communication. The Crisis Communication app provides a user-friendly experience to connect users with information about a crisis. Quickly get updates on internal company news, get answers to frequently asked questions, and get access to important information like links and emergency contacts.

The key features of the application are:

  • Available on Mobile and Desktop.
  • Define company contacts / emergency contacts in case of crisis.
  • Define work location Home / Office.
  • Report crisis to appropriate teams internally.
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams as a Channel.

You can even add a Crisis FAQ BOT on the app using Power Virtual Agent which will enable the employee to chat with the app and get all the instructions from the bot based on various scenarios.

Deploying this Crisis Communications app to Teams is a quick and easy way gain broad adoption, centralize discussions, and amplify information across the organization. See these videos to learn this better.

How can you get it?

We will assist you. If you have a Office 365 license being used in the company, we will help you configure it. If you do not use Office 365, we can get you free Office 365 E1 licenses for next 6 months. Our engineers will connect with your IT admin online and configure the standard deployment it in a day or two and you could get going on the new environment. All this for free.

If you want any enhancements then we are also available but then we expect you to pay the consulting charges. This can be indicated after we understand the full requirement.

The solution is brought to you by Microsoft, Samadhan (Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution provider with a number of industry specific solutions) and Compusoft (Microsoft partner specializing in AI, Bots, RPA, Cognitive Automation, Microsoft Dynamics, Cloud Computing, PowerBI, PowerApps & Flow, and Mobility Solutions.

Why are we doing it for you?

Microsoft states its mission as “To empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.” The new normal demands that together we achieve more in the world. This effort is one of the many that Microsoft is taking to address the new normal.

As responsible partners of Microsoft Samadhan and Compusoft are going to connect the last mile. Help you address the new situation with this effort. This makes us feel good.

We also get the opportunity to tell you what more we can do for you now and in near future to achieve more in your organization through the solutions that we specialize in.

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