Corrugated Samadhan ERP aiming at your business growth and profitability

Today, ERP software is fully customizable and can be used across a variety of departments, including manufacturing, finance, operations, retail, and sales. ERP systems are necessary for businesses and industries of all sizes and niches. Local shops and cafes, and big manufacturing companies use ERP to keep track of business resources and facilitate operations that otherwise would be done manually.

Corrugated industries require ERP because, unlike cardboard, corrugated boxes have three layers of materials: an inner layer, an outside layer, and a fluted medium between the two. Corrugated packaging is the most recovered packaging material in the world since it is manufactured from renewable resources. With a customized Corrugated Packaging ERP solution built on the leading business suite, Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, your industry, whether small or medium, becomes entirely reliable, automated, and integrated to expand.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Company Central (BC) is a business management system that offers a variety of tools to assist businesses in running their operations more efficiently. The following are some of the potential advantages of adopting Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC in the corrugated industry:

Improved supply chain: Dynamics 365 BC provides real-time tracking of materials and inventory, allowing companies to better manage their supply chain and reduce the risk of stock-outs or excess inventory.

Enhanced forecasting: With Dynamics 365 BC, companies can analyze past sales data and trends to make more informed decisions about future production. This can help reduce waste and improve efficiency.

Streamlined operations: The solution offers a range of tools to automate and streamline business processes, including financial management, sales and marketing, and customer service.

Better decision-making: Dynamics 365 BC provides access to real-time data and analytics, allowing companies to make more informed business decisions.

Increased collaboration: The solution includes tools for collaboration and communication, such as chat, email, and document sharing, which can help teams work more effectively together.

Besides the above advantages being part of Samadhan ERP will provide you with some additional features which are as follows:

Automatic or semi-automatic plants:  Engaged in manufacturing different types of corrugated boxes and components such as HSC, RSC, OSC, etc., and creating a product design that leads to accurate presales costing.

Intuitive interface:  Get all current information that assists you in designing a box that will meet customers’ requirements and also address your profit expectations.

Procurement Planning: Get a better overview of the supply chain and every stakeholder. As the procurement plan is created with inputs from every department, it improves the transparency and predictability of the process.

Intelligent production planning: The intelligent production planning model is a computer-based factory simulator that automates the process of planning using factory attributes and intelligent production rules. However, all this has to be done in line with stock availability, customer delivery timeline, and the heating system in use at the plant.

Paper reel management: This gives ease of tracking reels, identifying them, and using them. Butt reels are handled in the same manner.

Clamp-man Report: The paper reservation done against a production schedule is done to the reel-level detail. While doing this, the planner keeps in mind the age of the reel. This report which is generated for the forklift operator ensures that the reels identified are picked up and delivered to the shop floor for the next schedule.

These are not the only benefits you will obtain; there are many more. The Samadhan solution allows you to develop a product while keeping all expenses in mind, as well as manage the complete manufacturing cycle. Contact Samadhan for the best-corrugated ERP solution; they deliver the best-customized solution according to your industry’s needs. Download the case study right away to learn more!