Boost Your Business With ZATCA E-Invoicing In Saudi Arabia

If you are a business owner or a taxpayer in Saudi Arabia, you might have heard of the new e-invoicing system that is being implemented by the government. The electronic exchange of invoices between a supplier and a buyer is known as electronic invoicing or e-invoicing.  But what exactly is e-invoicing, and how does it […]

Best ERP Software For The Paper And Packaging Industry

Did you know that the global packaging market is expected to reach a staggering $1.08 trillion by 2024? That’s a significant growth, highlighting the ever-increasing importance of this industry. However, within this vast market, the paper and packaging industry faces unique challenges. From managing complex supply chains and evolving customer demands to ensuring product quality […]

Supply Chain Challenges: Managing Raw Material Sourcing for Folding Carton Production

The folding carton industry is a vital part of the global packaging market, with a size of USD 181.6 billion in 2021. However, this industry also faces many challenges in a volatile and uncertain world, especially in terms of raw material sourcing. How can folding carton manufacturers ensure a steady supply of high-quality and affordable […]

Learn How Samadhan’s ERP Solutions Transforming Printing Businesses

Nowadays, businesses are constantly seeking ways to enhance efficiency, streamline operations, and achieve financial accuracy. For those still on the hunt for solutions, the answer lies in the comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions offered by Samadhan, a leading ERP provider across the globe. As a top provider of ERP Software for Printing Industry built on Microsoft […]

Folding Carton Industry Overview

The Folding Carton Packaging Industry is a cornerstone in the creation of versatile and essential paper-based cartons. These cartons undergo a meticulous manufacturing process that involves folding, precise printing, cutting, and skillful gluing. The result is a range of meticulously crafted packaging solutions used across diverse industries. These paper-based cartons serve as the primary vessel for packaging […]