Artificial Intelligence through Samadhan ERP in Corrugation and Packaging Industry

Artificial Intelligence through Samadhan ERP

The corrugation and packaging industry is not exempt from the technological advancements that are rapidly transforming various industries. One of the most promising technologies that are starting to gain traction in the corrugation and packaging industry is artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

At their core, AI and ML are fields that utilize computer science and data analysis to enable problem-solving. These technologies aim to replicate the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind, leveraging computers and machines to learn from past data and improve their accuracy.
The impact of AI and ML on the business landscape has been significant, regardless of the industry. It has shown great potential for improving various business processes and activities. For example, instead of solely relying on payment terms, an ERP that utilizes AI and ML can suggest more accurate payment dates by understanding payment patterns and habits. This results in more valid and reliable data and better preparation for businesses.
Another area where AI and ML can be helpful is in understanding the pattern of cash inflows and making better decisions. By analyzing historical data, the software can help businesses identify when they’re most likely to receive cash inflows and accordingly plan their working capital to improve other business functions such as production and purchases.
Furthermore, AI and ML can come to the rescue when it comes to forecasting sales and inventory for better purchase planning and cycles. By utilizing existing and historical data, the software can help identify when businesses need to order more inventory to meet sales orders.

Outlook and Business Central Integration

In today’s digital world, response time is crucial in business communication. ERP integration with mailing systems that utilize AI and ML can help businesses respond to incoming emails promptly and with proper responses, increasing customer and vendor satisfaction levels.
Fortunately, the corrugation and packaging industries can also benefit from the integration of AI and ML in their business operations. The Corrugation and Packaging Samadhan and Business Central solution from Microsoft Dynamics already has built-in features that utilize AI and ML, such as seamless integration with Outlook for certain tasks without having to log in to BC.

Whether this kind of software is available for the corrugation and packaging industry?

The answer is yes. Corrugation and packaging Samadhan bases its solution on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which already has these features built-in and benefits the customers in the corrugation and packaging industry.So, be it cash inflows/cash receivables or sales and inventory forecasting, or Outlook and Business Central integration, Samadhan ERP solutions have the solution for these pain areas and much more. Needless to say, with these features, your corrugation and packaging businesses would become more agile, flexible, and profit-oriented, not to mention the boost in overall productivity.
By utilizing these AI and ML technologies in your business processes, companies in this industry can better prepare for their customers’ needs, improve their decision-making capabilities, and ultimately gain a competitive edge.