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Why PlannerOne© Production Scheduler ?

PlannerOne© Production Scheduler is the revolutionary scheduling solution that enhances the manufacturing module of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2, 2013, 2013 R2, 2015, 2016 and 2017. Microsoft Dynamics users will access the best scheduling capabilities in real time, in a single click and at the best price / performance ratio of APS software on the market.

PlannerOne© is ready for Cloud and Mobility. It has been developed using the latest Microsoft technology (Visual Studio 2015, .Net 4.5, PowerShell) and is integrated into the Web, Tablet and Windows (RTC) client. PlannerOne© is a web application that can also be accessed via Internet Explorer. The PlannerOne© Production Scheduler component uses web services to interact with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV functionalities, enabling real-time communications that accommodate the integrity requirements of the ERP manufacturing processes.


  • Web component fully integrated in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Ready for Cloud & Mobility
  • CfMD solution (Certified for Microsoft Dynamics)
  • Best price/performance ratio of APS software on the market
  • Return on investment in weeks
  • Improved customer service level
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved responsiveness

PlannerOne © Production Scheduler enhances Microsoft Dynamics NAV Manufacturing Module with:

Constraint-based finite capacity scheduling
Multi-criteria scheduling dedicated to
manufacturing objectives and constraints.


Load balancing optimization with a list of
useable work or machine centers.

Optimization of setup times based on multiple item
parameters & setup matrix For realistic
setup times and production run optimization.


Graphical and interactive schedules Whatever the modifications in
the plan or in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, PlannerOne© subsequently applies
the changes based on real-time synchronization of the plan. This guarantees a plan based on manufacturing constraints.

Configurable visual markers Provide graphical information about
a specific constraint on any operation and implement a collaborative process
until the problem is solved.


Features for PlannerOne Production Scheduler :

  • Grouping of production order operations
  • Multi-resource scheduling thanks to synchronization links between parallel operations
  • Detailed schedule analysis
  • Display the load at finite or infinite capacity to detect production bottlenecks.
  • Take raw material availability into account
  • By integrating MRP calculations.
  • Simulations in a Work Plan
  • Key performance indicators and analysis of advances/delays
  • Customized navigation links

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