pebblestone | fashion solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV

For Apparel, Fashion Accessories, Promotional Wear, Work Wear and Sporting Goods units

pebblestone|fashion addresses the unique needs of the industry by giving a full control on the operations of a typical manufacturing, export or retail company from the time someone submits a quote and sample to get a satisfied and happy customer. One fully integrated solution for; Brand Owner, CMT, Manufacturing, Private Label, Wholesalers & Distributors, Retail. All the essential pre-sales to supply business processes are covered including: Planning, Design, Sourcing, Purchasing, Logistics, Warehousing, and Financial Administration. While the Garment Manufacturing ERP Software is being used for the day to day working, Microsoft Dynamics NAV as a reliable and integrated framework to manage the inventory, purchase, sales, customer relationships, collectable control and meet the statutory requirements of the business.

The natural integration of the solution with Microsoft Office which includes Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook (the communication interface) helps the organization in leveraging the information in the integrated solution in multiple ways.The ease with which add on components like payroll, multiple level authorizations, subcontracting can be added gives the comfort to the organization that the solution will grow in number of users as well as in functionality to accommodate the growing needs of a growing organization.

The challenge that our solution addresses

Fashion or apparel business has highly demanding customers at one end and a totally disorganized subcontracting/vendor eco system in the country. Businesses keep fighting for their breath trying to get the two ends meet.
Emails, excel sheets, accounting software, SMS, and endless phone calls, conferences and visits to meet customers and prospects is the order of the day.
The businesses cry for an integrated system which will help them get a hold on information, which in turn can help them serve their customers to the exactitude demanded and also give them some peace of mind.

Garment Manufacturing Erp Software helps a garment unit manage their end-to-end process, for example;


  • Variant structure for colours and sizes or other main dimensions
  • Possibility for up to 8 extra dimensions, like length sizes, width sizes, lasts, fabrics, etc.
  • Large number of characteristics to classify items
  • Prices per model/item/size/colour and customer/customer group/date
  • Flexible possibilities for automatic calculation of sales prices
  • Assortments
  • All common cost price methods
  • Multilingual descriptions
  • Extensive status structure, controlling company processes



  • Extensive status structure on customers, controlling company processes
  • Order confirmations, invoices and other sales documents in customer language
  • Distinction of presales and never out of stock sales by order types
  • Distinction between sell-to-customer, bill-to-customer and ship-to-customer
  • As many ship-to-addresses per customer as required
  • Large number of characteristics to classify customers
  • Flexible discount structures
  • Direct invoicing without preceding sales order
  • Connecting sales and purchase orders for drop shipments and customer specific items
  • Easy order entry through matrix
  • Order entry on the basis of customer item number or using barcodes
  • Automatic creation of sales orders from quotes and block orders
  • Order tracking and tracing
  • Multiple delivery dates within one sales order
  • Register and analyze order differences with reason codes
  • Save historic sales orders

And many more functionalities…

Solution framework used

Microsoft Corporation is the largest software supplier in the world. With the Dynamics division, more than 150,000 businesses worldwide are offered a company wide solution that covers their complete business processes. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the highly successful solution for the small and medium sized businesses. It is a generic solution that covers financial administration, fixed assets, CRM, supply chain, logistics, service management, warehouse management and production in one integrated environment. pebblestone|fashion enriches the Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution, to make it suitable for companies in the fashion industry. Whether apparel, footwear, sporting goods or accessories companies, whether production, wholesale or retail… pebblestone|fashion, based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, offers the solution for small and medium sized companies in the fashion industry. Being officially ‘Certified for Dynamics NAV’, pebblestone|fashion complies to the newest and highest Microsoft standards for partner developed software solutions that are based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This grading offers the ability to distinguish pebblestone|fashion as a solution that complies to the stringent quality requirements set by Microsoft.

Built around Microsoft Dynamics NAV, pebblestone|fashion uses its same recognizable look and feel. This makes it very easy to get used to when starting up working with pebblestone|fashion. pebblestone|fashion is based on the latest worldwide version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The standard version is in English. This setup makes it easy to create a local version of pebblestone|fashion in any country in the world. Merging the worldwide pebblestone|fashion version with the local version of standard NAV ensures that both the local legal requirements and the specific requirements of the fashion industry are fully covered. All of this completely in the local language. pebblestone|fashion is available in multiple languages, such as English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese etc. and has been sold and implemented in as many countries.The main issue that pebblestone|fashion covers, is the fact that fashion companies are working with items that come in many variants. This concerns not only colors and sizes, but also fabrics, designs, multiple size dimensions etc.

Using a standard solution makes it very laborious to enter, maintain and view information like basic item information, SKU-information, sales and purchase prices, Bills of Materials, technical specifications and order information. pebblestone|fashion has solved that by offering very flexible matrix functionality, both in standard two-dimensional and in more advanced multidimensional matrix form. This functionality is extended through the whole solution, so not only in sales but also in purchases, logistics and production.

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